I miss you paa i miss you a lot

Today... Yes its been a 3months without you pa😭 my biggest lost ever.. Since i lost you pa i had lost myself.. People says life moves on but still a part of me is stuck on 28th February , Those sleepless nights in hospital .. Seeing you in pain .. Crying for you.. Praying for your recovery.. Waiting for positive response of your treatment ... But everything just scattered within a moment ... & i am Still trying to gather strength to accept this bitter truth, i still can't 😔 this 3months has been the toughest months for me .....
Paa Each passing days made us more closer & years more stronger ... I shared my every feelings with u, my moods, my likes my dislikes my mistakes & you every-time stood by me no matter what... You are mirror to me, i could see myself the way i am- no filter... Whenever i feel sad or worried only your smile or a hug was enough for me.... Our sleepless nights .. Going to our favorite restaurant. & shopping... My late night parties & you awake for me. Our innocent hugs, teasing-making fun of each other .
Only you have right to call me anything- like narenders Modi and "maro dikro"....
I am the most lucky daughter to have YOU as my father... You are the epitome of love, care, understanding, elegance, sacrifice, faith in GOD, to thank GOD for every minutest things. GOD gave me the best things in the world & that is YOU, My whole world revolves around you even today & always😞..
I still have sleepless nights crying for you, missing you, days are still going, good things are still happening but have no happiness without YOU.. A child in me still wants her dad back😔.. I miss you paa i miss you a lot ... love you to the moon & back😘... YOU are still ALIVE in me, for me.

I miss you paa i miss you a lot  I miss you paa i miss you a lot Reviewed by Musings of Nisha on June 08, 2017 Rating: 5

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  1. Tears in eyes reading this, it reminds me of my dad, miss u paa



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