Harmanpreet Kaur - the big hearted girl from a small town Moga

The name Harmanpreet Kaur had now become synonymous with India's Women Cricket World Cup campaign, especially after her 171 against Australia in the ICC women's world cup semi-final. But it was not so even a few years back. 

Born to a father keenly interested in Sports, Harmanpreet was not any other small town girl. With support from her father and inspiration from swashbuckling earstwhile India opener Virendra Sehwag, she groomed her talent in cricket. Life was not so easy for Harmanpreet though. Every family needs some money to manage family and house, especially in modern India where cost of living is increasing every month. After her debut in 2009, and playing for 2 years for India's national team, Harmanpreet applied for a job in Punjab police; but was rejected outright. " You can't compare your self to Harbhajan Singh" the young all-rounder from Women's national team was told. Then she applied for a job in Northern Railways. There again she got offered a not so encouraging, junior officers post.  As luck would have had it, just when  Harmanpreet had lost hopes of getting a better life, came along her proponent and Indian Women crickets aficionado Diana Edulji who was with western railways. Edulji was following Harmanpreet for sometime and had high regards for her talent. She took up her case but the request was rejected by the then President. Diana Edulji then approached Sachin Tendulkar who as a Member of Parliament, wrote to the Minister for Railways and ensured a Senior position for Harmanpreet in Indian Railways in sports quota 2 years back. 

Thus Harmanpreet could now focus on her career in Women's Cricket. 

Today, Harmanpreet is the only Indian cricket player, let alone batsman or all-rounder to play in Big Bash T20 tournament in Australia. She is also playing for Leicestershire Women's Cricket team apart from donning India National colours. 

We sincerely hope that the girl who has bought prominence to a small town Moga on India's map, she wins may more laurels for India in future.

Harmanpreet Kaur - the big hearted girl from a small town Moga Harmanpreet Kaur - the big hearted girl from a small town Moga Reviewed by Musings of Nisha on July 23, 2017 Rating: 5

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