Godrej Locks adds another day in Indian Calendar

It is popularly said that 'Safety begins at home', we have been learning on safety at home since our childhood, but how many of us understand that the home needs to be safe as well. So how does a home become safe? For starters, by having a good quality lock which not only looks strong and sturdy but is secure and difficult to break into.

In India, home safety does not get the attention it deserves while it's imperative that the most important investment in a person's life needs security as well. To get the attention of home owners on home safety, Godrej Locks has announced 15th November to be observed as Home Safety Day and to promote this concept, they have launched a novel campaign, #HowSafeAreYou. The key message that the campaign by Godrej Locks drives in; is that home safety is not the responsibility of the police or the government only but also of the home owners and home buyers. As a buyer or owner, we need to be prepared to tackle any unforeseen and unfortunate event at our homes.

The campaign involved a panel discussion on Home Safety, between Dr Kaminidevi Bhoir, Honorary Psychiatric Counsellor for Mumbai Police, Vivek Agrawal, veteran crime journalist and author, Shyam Motwani, EVP and Head of Business – Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems, Prakash N. Borgaonkar, Western Region Head of HelpAge India and a victim of theft over the psyche of a robber.

Mr.Sujit Patil,  started of with very informal introduction of himself and of the other members.He then played those three videos. 

  Really videos had a great impact on the audience, they were surprise and were shocked, hearing the mentality of robbers. Dr Kaminidevi Bhoir, highlighted on the fact that a robber do not think once before killing. Mr Prakash  Borgaonkar shared some valid points regarding  increasing occurrences of attacks on senior  citizens.

Shyam  Motwani  spoke about the Home Safety day, He spoke of advanced security systems and a new era locks are a combination of biometric and digital panel which helps secure the home  more safer way.

The Highlighted points of the Event , the ways you can keep yourself safe:
  • A investment in a good lock is the need of the hour.

  • Keep a watch on any markings on your house or any presence of unauthorized CCTV cameras right outside your house.

  • Dont drive away Stray dogs ,Dogs are our silent protectors and a best security.    

  • Always remember to wipe of your finger print from the biometrics once you have identified yourself.

  • Appoint a perfect watchman for the security who do not sleep on duty.

  •  If you see a strange markings (charcoal marking of a cross, swastika etc), you have been marked by the burglars. Do contact the nearest police station immediately.
#HowSafeAreYou Campaign was indeed a eye opener for me. Its better to be safe than be sorry.  

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