What is Smarter - Renting versus Owning Furniture and Appliances?

The trends are changing in the field of shopping. In fact, with changing lifestyles and a moving economy, the buying concept is giving way to the renting concept. Today,people have to change homes for a variety of reasons - job change in another city, splitting of a joint family, or living with friends at the start of your career in a new city.And with a change of homes comes the headache of setting up the ‘new’ home with existing or new furniture, appliances or for that matter even bikes. Not to forget the cost associated with it all! Now there are multiple options like Rentomojo which offer the convenience of renting solutions for your home requirements from the comfort of your home at the click of a button.

So what is smarter -renting or owning?
While there are different views on this with both pros and cons, I personally prefer renting, though I have a few reasons for my thoughts. Do let me know in the comments section if you share my thoughts or have your alternate thoughts.

1.       Renting is Cheaper – Renting furniture, appliancesand bikes for a long term is available for as low as 1% - 2% of the actual cost of buying the items, and about 1/20th of the cost of buying in general; For eg. A double bed costs about Rs. 40,000 and is available for less than Rs. 2,000 per month on Rentomojo, and a three-seater sofa which costs Rs. 30,000 is available for Rs.1,400 per month.

2.       The Option of Upgrade/Swap – When you opt for renting solutions, you have the option of changing it as often as you want, whereas when you buy furniture, appliances or bikes, you are stuck with them for years together.

3.       Convenience – When you are on rent as you are yet to buy a home due to a career which involves changing cities often or simply out of choice, renting services like Rentomojo give you the convenience of pick up and drop off your furniture, appliances and bikes without you having to do much except inform them.

4.       Time-Saving – At the click of a button, you get options for furniture and appliances for your new home without you having to do the running around.
Plus there are secondary benefits like maintenance being the responsibility of the services provider, and you have the choice of making up your home, ever so often at virtually no extra cost. That’s what we call #SmartlyOwn your home.

There are a few ‘not so good’ points with renting like furniture options are not unlimited, the expense is recurring, and though minor scratches and damages are ok, major damage of the item is when your deposit gets forfeited. Then there is the possibility of you not getting exactly what you wanted since there is always be that one thing that you had in mind with the image in your mind not matching the one you see on the renting list

However, all said, renting still beats buying hands down for the current generation who wants a refreshed feel more regularly, and when it comes cheap, that’s icing on the cake. So go ahead and enjoy the #SubscriptionLifestyle like the new generation.

All you need to do is simply download their app, register yourself and start renting. It’s so simple to use the app that even my grandma could use it and order the furniture, appliance or bike of her choice with a few clicks.

You can also try the services for a short period from Rentomojo and share your feedback below in the comments section.
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What is Smarter - Renting versus Owning Furniture and Appliances? What is Smarter - Renting versus Owning Furniture and Appliances? Reviewed by Musings of Nisha on January 29, 2018 Rating: 5

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