How to take care of your skin and hair during Holi

Last year around this time I was worried on the obnoxious implications of Holi celebration. While Holi is a fun festival and we personally may take care to use safe colours, we all face the precarious situation of being showered with chemical based colours by others. Its beyond one’s control to ask each and every person to use safe or natural colours only. But what is in our hands is to take necessary precautions for skin care and hair care while we enjoy the festival of colours.
So what is it that we need to do? Is it very difficult? Do I need to buy expensive creams? These and many such questions will come in your mind and the answer is right here in this article. Here I will give you’re a few simple skin care tips for Holi that will drive away all your worries.

1.      Oiling: The most important thing to do is ensure that the colour does not enter our skin pores plus can be removed fast and the easiest way to ensure that is apply generous amount of coconut oil or olive oil all over your body and on your hair.

2.      For sensitive or dandruff prone scalp: If you have problem of dandruff then be extra careful and add 8-10 drops of lemon in your oil and apply the mixture on your hair and scalp. This is also helpful in case of Do this oiling part at least 20minutes before you start the Holi celebrations

3.      Moisturizer with SPF: It is the month of March and the sun will be harsh on your skin, use a good amount of moisturizer that has SPF factor of atleast 24, all over your body, especially behind your ears and ear lobes as these are areas one tends to neglect. This will make sure that you do not catch a tan from the sun.

4.      Lips: Apply a lip balm or neutral coloured lipstick generously to protect lips from staining

5.      Eyes: Firstly avoid glasses or lenses; however, If you cannot do without glasses, just be careful while applying colour. You want to take care that the surprise colours by your friends does not hurt you in or around the eye

6.      Nail paints: Protect your nails from absorbing colour by applying nail polish as this will give you a protective coat. Now a days there are transparent nail varnish which also work as effectively.

7.      Clothing: Wear full sleeves cotton clothes. Synthetic material will become sticky and denims would be heavy once wet.Ensure that the clothesyou wear should cover maximum parts of your body. The best choices for clothes on Holi are high-necks and full-sleeves.

8.      Water: Skin tends to get dehydrated due to the colours, Keep your skin hydrated, drink loads of water before you start playing Holi. Also keep sipping water while playing Holi.

And very important - Don't get waxing, threading, facials or skin treatment done at least 3-4 days before Holi.
While precaution is always better than cure, there are a few post holi celebration tips that you may want to follow

1.      Skin Irritation: Aloe vera gel or cucumber juice would help alleviate the skin irritation due to colours and act as soothing agents

2.      Colour removal pack: 2 tbsp. of masoor dal powder, 1 tbsp. of rice flour, 1 tbsp. of besan and a pinch of haldi should be mixed well with cold water.  Apply this paste generously and leave on for 10 minutes and then wash off with cold water and pat dry the skin.

3.      Pimple/ Acne care: If you have acne avoid scrubbing your face after Holi to remove the colours. Instead Use a paste of raw milk and besan and gently work on your face to remove the colours.

4.      Strong colours: chances are that the colours marks are still visible on the skin, in this scenario, Use glycerin or aloe vera based soaps or any mild soap to wash off. Avoidany desperate attempts to remove the colours lest you may damage the skin.

5.      After care: Apply a body lotion on your body generously after taking bath and relax for atleast an hour to help your skin rejuvenate.

So that’s it, you have multiple home tips to celebrate safe colourful Holi.

Happy Holi!!

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