All Out takes a tough stand with #MujheSabNahiPata campaign

Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn't know you had and involves dealing with fears you didn't know existed.The constant expectation about knowing everything and having answers to all questions puts increased pressure on moms.It’s not easy being a mom because you mean the world to your child. And the society expects you to never go wrong. But how can we forget that they are only humans and have limitations like everyone else?  Due to the burden of expectations and the fear of being judged, mothers shy away from asking for help.

All Out’s #MujheSabNahiPata campaign is celebrating all those mothers who are tough enough to acknowledge that they don’t know everything.It is trying to encourage moms across India to not succumb to societal pressure and refrain from holding back while asking for help. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. If we don't have a right solution to a problem, it doesn't mean we are imperfect. How much ever a mom does & knows, it is impossible for her to know everything.As a human being, there is a limit to what she knows, after all, we live in a world of constantly emerging threats and mothers cannot be expected to know everything all the time.

Besides taking a powerful stand for mothers, the campaign is also encouraging them to gain more knowledge and update themselves about the dangers of illnesses like Dengue.The short ad film video created for the campaign is a must watch! It features a mother’s #MujheSabNahiPata story, which can help Indian moms be aware and vigilant against the threat of dengue.Actor and mom Sonali Bendre, who is the voice of this campaign, is inspiring mothers to share their stories and seek support whenever necessary.

The campaign offers mothers a platform across social media where they can share their #MujheSabNahiPata stories because one mother’s defeat can prepare a thousand others to be more vigilant. So, all you tough moms out there,join this community and let’s unite to unburden ourselves of unrealistic expectations and protect the next generation on our own terms.Looking forward to hearing your stories in the comments section so we can all learn together!

All Out takes a tough stand with #MujheSabNahiPata campaign All Out takes a tough stand with #MujheSabNahiPata campaign Reviewed by Musings of Nisha on April 22, 2019 Rating: 5

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