Manna Go Grains - Multigrain Instant Drink Mix.

Any drink that is beneficial to the body in terms of minerals and nutrients fulfillment is a healthy drink . As the body structure of kids differs from that of adults,the health requirements also differ . Milk is always the primary source of nutrients for kids and is the richest source of proteins but kids today don't prefer plain milk and hence now' a days there are are supplements available in market which come in different flavours which can be added to plain milk.
My daughter is not fussy about food . But she hates milk . The moment I offer milk to her, she looks into the cup, make bad faces and says ‘No’.But she likes the flavored milk available in the market.
Choosing the best health drink for our child would be a fight that just not the brands but the mother's within us will fight for .
Than I tried out all the flavored milk varieties at home and see how she responds to it. Manna Foods ! Iit was a great hit with her .Try this out Multigrain Instant Drink Mix For Your Kids Daily Nutrition With A Tasty Chocolate Flavor.
Ragi: Power house of nutrients. It is rich in calcium and easy to digest.
Bajra: Good source of dietary fibre and also of key micronutrients like iron
and zinc.

Maize: A good source of fibre and B vitamins

Jowar: Also known as the big millet, this is a good source of dietary fibre

Barley : Rich in soluble fibre and known for promoting digestive health.

Wheat: Is known for its fibre content

Bengal gram : Good source of protein.
Description :-
Rich in Protein - from cereals, pulse, whey protein and milk powder . 2 serves of Go grains gives almost 25% RDA of protein for your child . Rich Source of 24 micronutrients like calcium, iron, Vitamin A, C, D .
A great drink for your kids I highly recommend this product. You can buy now Amazon

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